Resell Fashion Online as a Business Opportunity

There was a time where thrift shopping or receiving second hand goods was largely frowned upon by many in society. Children were teased during their primary and high school years because their parents had purchased them school clothes from second-hand stores. Today, through celebrity endorsement of thrift shopping and resale success stories, the negative reputation of wearing used clothes has shifted dramatically. Mainstream media has helped this trend by bringing the thrift shopping subculture to the forefront with songs such as “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and TV shows such as “Girlboss” produced by Netflix. This has lead to many young people using the accessible prices of thrift stores in order to fulfill their dreams of having a high-end closet for the fraction of retail prices while being praised by their peers for their fashion sense. Having a chic and cheap wardrobe is not the only advantage that thrift-shoppers have begun to make use of, as many have seen this new trend as a business opportunity.

Reselling fashion brings endless income opportunities that the clothing wasteland, otherwise known as “thrift stores” have to offer. Another benefit from reselling is that you are able to maintain an abundant high-end wardrobe, which is something you might have never been privileged enough to do previously.

“The fashion resale industry has impacted my quality of life by unlocking this whole world of high end designer fashion that I never otherwise saw as attainable for financial reasons. Resale has also given me a truly hands-on education in consumerism and socioeconomics, from the global impact of the fast fashion industry in comparison to sustainable clothing and high-end staple wardrobe pieces that you wear for years.” One reseller has said.

Going behind the scenes of the second-hand clothing industry offers a unique perspective on just how many articles of clothing we are throwing away each year. The reselling business can also be considered a “green” industry because of its potential to minimize  the amount of fashion waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill somewhere halfway around the world polluting our planet.

Overall, this business is just like any other. In order to be a successful reseller, you have to be self-motivated and in with the trends. Fashion moves fast and you will need to make judgement calls often when it comes to inventory. It is quite possible that something which was extremely popular last week, will not be popular the following week. In an event where a brand becomes too popular, the market becomes saturated with the same clothing and you end up fighting with other resellers for the attention of the buyers.

The fashion resale industry has presented young adults with the opportunity to become immersed in the clothing industry out of both passion for style and ambition for a better future.

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