How It Works – Resell Fashion Online in South Africa

How It Works

Closety is a peer-to-peer platform to resell pre-owned fashion online. Our platform encourages the reselling of fashion in a secured and transparent manner for the protection of both buyers and sellers.

See below instructions on how our platform works.

Reselling, Buying and Shipping


Opening your Closety “store”.

To sell your fashion items go onto Register using your email address and password.

By registering to sell on Closety, you get your own dashboard and a dedicated url to your Closety “store”: This allows you the ability to place the link to your store on your social media bio and to share your Closety store with friends, family and followers.

To add products:

On your dashboard (e.g below) click on products which is on the menu on the left, then press on the cube icon to add a new product.

(To add products, press the cube captioned “Add New Product” below)

Set the title starting with the brand name and product description (e.g Zara Leather Jacket), add the size of the item in brackets, e.g (S) (34) (9) etc, then set the price inclusive of shipping costs.

Under “short description” state the size of the item again as well as the original cost.

Under “description” state how long you’ve had the item, how many times you’ve worn it and if there are any defects or slight damage etc.

To add product images instead of pressing add media, scroll further down and press on the blank image mountain (example below) to upload your image from your device. Please note that images should be below 2mb to save space on our server.

If your images are more than 2mb log onto,  to compress the image to 2mb.

We would advise that you take your images on a white background to keep with the aesthetic of the website. You may however also post images of you wearing the items to show buyers how they fit.

Selling Tip: The more descriptive you are of your items the better chances you have in making a sale.

If you have difficulties in listing your products, you may send a list of your items and descriptions to We will list your items at a cost of R 10.00 per item listed. (This applies if you want us to list more than 5 items).


To purchase an item you like, press “add to cart”, should there be more than one item you’d like to purchase, press “add to cart” on all the items you want to order. All your items will be added to your cart. On the menu bar there will be a cart next to the search button, press on the cart and it should take you to your cart page. You will find all the products in your cart and the total of how much it will cost to purchase the items all together. You will then be required to proceed to checkout after confirming your order.

On the checkout page you will be required to add your personal details and the address you wish your items to be shipped to. If you want to add a different shipping address e.g. work address, click on the option for a different shipping address and add the details. You will then be required to make a payment either through bank transfer or through PayFast (South Africa’s leading online payment gateway) using your debit or credit card. Please note should you choose the bank transfer option your order will not be shipped out until the funds have been transferred and appear in our account.


If you are looking to sell items on our platform please note that there is a strict policy for shipping products to buyers. Shipping and the costs thereof are all charged to the seller. This requires the seller to include the shipping costs to their listing price. Shipping costs should be kept fair and adding high shipping costs to products is discouraged.

After a buyer orders a product on our platform their details will be sent to the seller, and it is the sellers responsibility to make sure that the products are shipped to the buyer in a timely manner. Shipping the items to the buyer is the responsibility of the seller as we will only release funds to the seller when the order has been completed and the buyer has confirmed their satisfaction with the items. This is done to protect the buyer and to keep the integrity of our company (Read more on our refunds policy below to understand the transfer of funds). Should you have any queries regarding shipping contact:

NB: Please make sure you wash and iron your clothes before shipping them to your buyer.


Please note that because we do not hold any products or stock as a company, we have the responsibility of making sure that items purchased on our platform get to the buyer in a timely manner fulfilling the buyers satisfaction. The timing of shipping items to the buyer however is not the only responsibility we have. We also have to satisfy the buyer should anything go wrong. This could happen if the buyer is not happy with the items when it gets to them or any other issue regarding their order. We therefore have created a system to refund buyers in such cases. Buyers will be refunded should they notify us of their dissatisfaction with their order within 3 days (excluding weekends) after the order and shipping has been fulfilled, after that should we not receive any contact the funds will be distributed to the seller. This means funds will be distributed to sellers only when the buyer confirms their satisfaction with the item(s) and/or when we have received confirmation that the shipping has been completed and there is a 3 day lapse without contact from the buyer.

For queries regarding refunds contact:

Luxury Goods

Luxury goods are a big part of fashion and as a company we protect buyers and sellers from any form of fraudulent activity regarding high priced items listed on our platform.

Luxury goods items are items listed for prices starting from R 3000 and above. These items will mostly be those that are sold at high end boutiques and retailers. Due to the high demand for such products it always will be desirable for some to purchase these products through resellers and with that grows the possibility of replicated or fake  items being sold. We have developed a process to authenticate such products to protect consumers from buying items that are not original, to avoid problems for us as a company and those looking to buy luxury items on our platform.

  1. We strictly advise sellers not to sell replica/fake clothing items on our platform, as this will lead to the suspension of your account should we find that you had misrepresented your listing.
  2. We request that should anyone using our platform be suspicious of items they see listed, to report those items for us to investigate the matter.
  3. Do not buy items that are listed under the luxury category if there is no banner showing the product as “authenticated”.

In order for sellers to list products under the luxury category there is an authentication process you will need to follow by going through these steps:

  1. You send us proof that the listed product is original by sending us any form of evidence that proves the product was purchased directly from the original retailer or boutique. This can be done by sending us receipts, certificates etc via email to This will result in us placing an “authenticated” banner on the product for buyers to know the product is original and has been “authenticated”.
  2. You send the product to our office, for us to authenticate the item. This will then lead to us authenticating the originality of the product and subsequently placing the “authenticated” banner on the product. We will keep the product with us should you wish and ship the item to the buyer should the item be ordered. For more information regarding our authentication process contact


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