Resell Pre-Owned Fashion Online.

Buy and sell secondhand clothing.

Why resell fashion?

It happens to all of us.

You buy an item, you wear it once or twice and suddenly it’s not your style, or it doesn’t fit? Or maybe you enjoy buying and reselling fashion at a mark up? Well….we have just the solution. 

Sign up to Closety, list your secondhand clothes and sell by sharing your closet with friends, family and followers. 

why us?

personal dashboard

All users get their own dashboard to list items and track their sales.

Social Media Integration

Our users are able to share their closets on social media.

live chat support

Our support team is always available to chat at any time.

community engagement

Our platform encourages peer-to-peer and community engagement.

responsible fashion

Reselling fashion helps with sustainability of the environment.

user security

We ensure full security of accounts and other aspects of trading.

affordably stand out
from the crowd.

how it works.

It’s pretty simple.


1. Sign up for free
2. List your clothing items
3. Share your closet with peers
4. Make sales through our platform.


1. Order an Item
2. Transfer funds into our accounts
3. Receive items from seller
4. Confirm your satisfaction with items.


1. Seller receives order notice
2. We confirm receipt of funds
3. Seller ships items to buyer
4. If buyer is satisfied we transfer funds to seller.


join our community.

Sign up for free and share your closet with friends, family and followers.



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